Special Delivery

Optimizing Paid Media To Drive Demand Down The Funnel



Schwan’s Home Service has a strong history delivering ice cream, chicken and other items to customers across the country. But with new grocery delivery companies popping up daily, they knew if they wanted to continue to be the market leader they needed to defend and grow their market share.

Their goals were to efficiently drive online orders and acquire new customers. In Q3 of 2012, Schwan’s just wasn’t seeing the success they desired. Their cost-per-order was almost double their goal and their cost-per-new customer was 20% above their goal.

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The majority of Schwan’s media was paid search, so we decided to start there. We immediately noticed that their overall Paid Search CTR was just above 2%. For many this would appear to be “doing the job” or at the very least acceptable, but as a leader in the category we knew it should be higher. As we dug in with an audit, we found the account was in need of more detailed attention — more negatives, longer tail keywords and rigorous testing.

We also noticed that their paid search was great at driving people to the site who already knew the category and brand, but to get more new customers they needed to generate demand for the service. We used lookalike targeting to use the Schwan’s customer as a model for targeting banner ads to potential new customers. By targeting people who were similar in demographics, psychographics and browsing behavior as current customers, we were more likely to serve the ad to people who would be interested in Schwan’s service.


The result was a full-funnel approach to acquiring new customers for Schwan’s. We were able to move beyond basic paid search and banner ads to media meant to cultivate demand with an audience already poised to be interested in the product. We used paid search to keep them interested, while the research and site retargeting reminded them about Schwans.com until they were ready to order.